Nothing is Sustainable

Open Discussion Series: Thursday 4th April, at 18.30, School of Architecture NTUA, Tositsa Building, Amphitheatre, Department 3, 4th floor [...]


The Laboratory for the Urban Commons hosts Mai Abu ElDahab, director of the non-profit organisation Mophradat (Brussels), and invites you to an open discussion on artistic practices, vulnerability and precarity, the structures on which cultural producers and small organisations rely on, and possible (radical) capabilities of new governance models within the cultural commons.

Mai will introduce some of the ideas that go into developing Mophradat’s program and how the ambition is to let the model be the content.

The talk will be in English.

About Mophradat

Mophradat creates opportunities for artists from the Arab world through an inventive approach to funding, commissioning, collaborating, and gathering. Our way of working is imaginative and ambitious, inclusive and hospitable. We are registered as an international non-profit association in Belgium since 2004, and our office is in Brussels. We were founded as the Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) as the first regional arts funding organization. As our own content-generating activities grew in scale, in 2015 we decided to officially change our name to better communicate our artistic sensibility and the broad scope of what we do. The name Mophradat is an (eccentric) transliteration of the Arabic word meaning vocabulary.

Mai Abu ElDahab

Raised and educated in Cairo, Mai Abu ElDahab is a contemporary art curator living in Brussels since 2007. Her curatorial projects have been concerned with “how we work” as much as with the “what we do”. She likes to make books, records, events, and occasionally exhibitions.

The Open Discussions wish to create a meeting space for people and initiatives with different backgrounds, paths and worldviews in an attempt to address the commons from different perspectives, experiences and practices. The programme comes out from the Laboratory’s members desire for a deeper understanding of our vision and way of working.

Upcoming Tuesday April 9th

Join us next week for an open discussion with Penny Travlou (Lecturer in Cultural Geography and Theory, Edinburgh School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh), Cultural Commons: How do we put it into practice in Medellin?