Drafts, scratches, unauthorised versions and common files shortly before they end up in JUNK. [...]


The Laboratory invites artists, graphic designers, amateurs, fans, experts or not, to create an image that accompanies any digital or printed publication related to its activity. This is an attempt  to undo the idea of one, fixed, visual identity and to go against the corporate branding fever. Participation, selection, production and use of Banners will be measured cumulatively to other process such as ‘open calls’ and similar trials employed in the process. The aim is to be porous and allow multiple entry points to anyone wanting to relate with the Laboratory.

Banners will be used on a temporary basis and alternate periodically and primarily on the Laboratory’s website.  They will be treated as ‘drafts’, ‘scratches’, ‘unauthorised versions’ and ‘common files’ through editorial and performative gestures shortly before they end up in JUNK.