Act 1

There are no tags no labels and we do not accept categorisation. Come with us. We are gonna experience an unidentified event a one night on-site live act. [...]


LUC001, Vasilis Zacharakopoulos,2018



The Laboratory for the Urban Commons is launching a series of irregular one-night events, titled Acts* and invites you to experience them both as live proofs and as forms of research. A meeting between artistic practices and forms of gatherings such as festivals and fiestas, Acts are perceived as a collective work in the making of communities.

Act1 is using the unofficial and informal processes of gatherings among friends, where discussions and nods, music and dance, gestures and artistic practices are unfolded and intertwined during a long evening of live actions.

Act1 is not exactly a party, but there’s gonna be some sort of a party; neither a program of performances but there’s gonna be some sort of curated action. Lights, sounds and images created by our host Alexandros Tzannis with fellow artists Anastasia Douka, Dora Economou, Andreas Ragnar Kassapis and Panagiotis Lianos together with Stella N. Christou and Evi Roumani. Rounding out the night, Poison in a Pretty Pill, A’bleiz Meursault and Alexey A Fokurov are joining us for an after-hours dj set. We are inviting you to feel, dance and drink the testing gin batch handcrafted by Johny & Jango.

Act1 will take place on Saturday 15 December 2018 at Alexandros Tzannis studio (address: Koritsas 39, Votanikos) from 20:00.

There are no tags, no labels and we do not accept any categorisation. We are artists, mothers, dealers, poets, studiers, scrapers and weirdos and we are interested in everyday narratives and science fiction forms. We seek to celebrate together the informal and the everyday, to inhabit the commons. Come with us. We will experience an unidentified event, a one-night, on-site live act.



he Laboratory’s Acts series features one night events hosted in artists’ studios or homes/working spaces.